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We all spend majority of our time watching our favourite TV Shows and Movies. We gain entertainment out of it but what we tend to overlook is the fact that there is so much more to these videos than we already know. There are a lot of things which we get curious about like any song playing in the background, any landmark that catches our eyes, any word meaning and so much more.

Reducing Effort

People are super curious, yet too lazy to find out more about things that catch their attention amidst a video watching experience. Our aim is to reduce the extra steps and display the results to users at the click of a button.


Eliminating Context Switch

Conventionally users would have to stop whatever they are watching and look up for all this information. We understand this can act as a distraction and so we help eliminate this context switch.


Unique Experience

Experience a unique way of obtaining knowledge with minimal effort and distraction from your video. We provide all this information in a clean, non distractive manner without moving away from the video.

Flico 2.0

Flico is our first product which is the most efficient way to obtain useful information from any video.

Unique Experience

Experience a unique way of obtaining knowledge with minimal effort and distraction from your video



Identify any landmark displayed in a video and explore the streets around, places nearby and a lot more.


Word Meanings

Discover the meanings of new words you come across in the videos without any pauses and distractions.


YouTuber Merchandise

Look up for exclusive merchandize of your favourite Movies, Brands, TV Shows or YouTube celebrities through our platform.

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Word Meaning Prediction

For a person keen on enhancing his vocabulary movies, TV shows and other such videos might be one of the best ways to learn new word meanings. Flico helps discover the meanings of new words you come across in the videos without any pauses and distractions.

Landmark Recognition

Our landmark recognition module identifies landmarks and monuments in a frame and provides additional information like street views, map views, flights, hotels and restaurants around that destination at the click of a button.

YouTuber Merchandise

What if you wanted to know what gadgets does your favourite Tech blogger uses when you see there video on YouTube, or where would you find your favourite YouTube artists official merchandise? Flico provides followers with access to the exclusive merchandise of their favourite Movies, TV Shows or YouTube celebrity. All in a clean and non distractive visual catalogue.

Are You Interested in Selling?

Flico helps YouTubers sell their official merchandise in a unique and simple way. They can focus on doing what they are best at - "making videos" and Flico handles the rest. Get started by signing up on Flico Seller dashboard
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Word Meaning Identification

Words used before a currently paused media will be scanned and their meanings will be displayed instantly.


Landmark Identification

Paused media will be scanned to display the name of the landmark along with its street view, map view and summary.


Music Recognition

Any unknown song playing in the media will be scanned and the song name will be displayed just at the expense of a button click.


For Business

Our API enables developers to easily integrate our identification modules with an easy to use REST API. Contact Sales to know more about the pricing


Varun Mayya

CEO @ Jobspire Pvt. Ltd.
"Front paging the Google Chrome Store with this amazing concept, this team is trying to solve a novel problem. Strongly recommend this one."

Ratish Narayanan

Regional Manager, South Asia @ AngelHack
"Flico has immense potential, this app can change the way we travel & shop, most importantly its a full fledged team with all the required skill sets to build a successful product."

Kartik Mandaville

CEO @ SpringRole Inc.
"I've been using the product since day 1 and its amazing to see how its evolved. I've always wanted to look up the meaning of the word while watching a video (TED talks) but the context switching was so hard."

Partners and Progress

Our chrome extension Flico 2.0 that we've created is being used by more than 5286 users serving more than 7694 queries

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