After successfully graduating from AngelHack Hackcelerator Batch of 2016 in Silicon Valley, We have partnered with some of the most renowned enterprises to scale the product, including IBM Bluemix

We are Change Makers

Each of us have a specific role in the company which helps us to build a complete scalable product

Yash Goel

Founder and CEO

Still figuring out the purpose of life. I'm a nonconformist, struggling musician who loves to follow his own rhythm

Kartik Arora

Head of Engineering

I've been told that I'm an ambivert, but I enjoy meaningful conversations with people. I code, I play, I live, I am Chipset!

Rahil Patel

Head of Marketing

I think I can code. I can shoot. I can dive. I can flip. I can cook. I can heal. I can joke. I can lift. I can sell. And I don't want to wake up

Dr. Arun Shanbhag


Innovator, Social entrepreneur, Scientist, Philanthropist, Citizen Journalist, Author, Runner, Marathoner, Photographer, Professor

Kartik Mandaville


CEO @ SpringRole | Director of Technology at Science | Graduate Research Assistant at Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science

Ratish Narayanan


AngelHack Asia | Start Ups | Sports | Entrepreneur | Tech | Elephant Lover. AB-

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